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When we place a dental crown at Always Dental Care, we secure it in place with a strong dental-grade adhesive. The whole process is designed to help the crown protect your smile for many years, but it can still come loose if affected by conditions such as complications of gum disease or a dental accident. If your dental crown feels loose, we encourage you to implement a proper course of action to minimize the damage and preserve your crown.

Seek professional dental treatment as soon as possible if you have a loose crown, as the longer you delay treatment, the more likely it is your whole crown will need to be replaced.

If you are unable to visit the dentist immediately, take these steps to protect your crown and abutment in the meantime:

Keep the crown as stationary as possible and don’t wiggle it with your finger or tongue. Refrain from trying to clean the crown, too. Any small movements could result in a damaged abutment.

If your crown came loose as a result of a hard blow that left blood and debris in your mouth, use a lukewarm saltwater rinse to flush out your smile. Any further cleaning should be left to the expertise of Dr. Truong Nguyen and our highly trained team.  

Once you visit the dentist, he may be able to simply re-seat the crown if the underlying abutment is still in good shape. If the abutment is damaged, our dentist may need to perform root canal treatment and fit you for a new dental crown.

For more information about how to handle a loose dental crown in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, contact our friendly team at 484.392.7687 today. If you have a dental emergency, we urge you to get in touch with our office so that you can receive timely treatment.