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An accidental blow to the mouth or a hard fall on a slippery floor can sometimes result in a chip or fractures to your tooth enamel. When this happens, you should contact our dentist, Truong Nguyen, and schedule an appointment. In the meantime, you can there are first-aid steps that you can take.

It might be helpful to gently rinse your mouth with a little lukewarm saltwater to clear away any debris or blood. If the pain is significant, you might find temporary relief by taking a standard dose of an over-the-counter pain medicine, or by gently rubbing topical oral analgesic on the local gum tissues. After assessing the severity of the damage to the tooth and any compromised soft tissues our dentist will talk with you about a treatment plan.

Sometimes the dentist can use a dental filling made from a metal amalgam or composite resin to effectively repair the compromised tooth enamel. This will effectively seal the tooth and prevent decay from developing. If the biting surface of a molar or premolar has been damaged he might recommend an inlay or onlay dental filling. An inlay or onlay can restore the structural integrity of your tooth. In a case in which the damage to the tooth is significant, our dentist might recommend a dental crown restoration. If the internal structure of the tooth has been damaged, the dentist might need to also perform a root canal.

If you are in the Phoenixville, Pennsylvania area and you have recently suffered a dental fracture you should not delay in calling 484.392.7687 to seek treatment at Always Dental Care.