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There are some people who have no reservations at all about going to see the dentist. In fact, they may even look forward to it. However, for other people, the prospect of going to the dentist may induce anything from mild anxiety to panic. Some people may suffer from dental phobia. The anxiety may come from past negative experiences, fear of pain, being uncomfortable with another person’s hands in your mouth, or a number of other things. The problem is that a dental anxiety or fear may cause you to skip or avoid appointments, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

You should talk with the dentist and his staff about your concerns. There are different ways to help you feel more comfortable during your visit. It may help if your dentist explains to you what will happen during your procedure. Or you may want to arrange for a signal that you can give the dentist if you need a break. Some practices even offer videos or music to take your mind off the procedure.

Another option is nitrous oxide, or laughing gas. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and delivered to you through a mask placed over your nose. As you breathe the gas, you will feel relaxed, but you will not be unconscious and will be able to communicate with the dentist. The effects of the gas wear off quickly after it is removed. You will be able to drive yourself home after your appointment.

If you suffer from dental anxiety or a dental phobia, Dr. Truong Nguyen and the staff at Always Dental Care would love to help you address that fear and get you on your way to a healthy smile. If you live in the Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, area, you can make an appointment by calling 484.392.7687.