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Your teeth and your oral health are of vital importance during your teen years. When your permanent teeth are fully grown in, it is necessary to care for them effectively, as you will not be getting another pair. However, peer pressure is a serious risk to all smiles during your ten years.

One of the major forms of peer pressure teens face is mouth jewelry. Although many people wear mouth jewelry as a form of expression, the parts can become choking hazards, or even cause infection and oral accidents. If the jewelry is metal and is located on your tongue, you are at a great risk of cracking or chipping your sensitive teeth. Bad habits can also ruin smiles. Avoid bad habits such as smoking or chewing tobacco, and recreational drug use.

Contact sports often result in broken teeth as a teen. Always wear whatever form of protection you can for your smile. This includes mouth guards, face masks, and helmets when applicable. The more you do to protect your teeth, the less the chance there will be for an oral accident.

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