Getting A Bright Smile For the Holidays

The holidays are coming up fast, and that can mean LOTS of photos. Make sure your smile is picture-perfect with these tips! Brush: The easiest way to improve your smile is to improve your brushing and flossing habits. Brush twice a day, for 2 full minutes each time. If you find it difficult to brush for a full two minutes,... read more »

Whitening Toothpaste Is a Good Way To Help Maintain Your White Smile

The tooth polishing in your regular dental checkup or the dental tooth bleaching treatment administered by Dr. Truong Nguyen will whiten your teeth for a time. If you enjoy dark foods such as berries, and beverages such as coffee or wine on a regular basis, or if you use tobacco, you will need to find a way to mitigate stains... read more »

Do Your Pearly Whites Look More Like Pearly Yellows? Try Teeth Whitening!

Everyone wants to have a white smile, but you may notice that your pearly whites have started to look more like pearly yellows. You always want to look your best, so here is some information about the substances that stain teeth and how you can reverse this process. What Causes Tooth Stains? How does a white, shining smile darken and... read more »