What are Dental Sealants Made From?

The benefits of dental sealants are great, and they’ve worked wonders for multiple of our patients’ smile. However, this hasn’t stopped a number of our other patients from questioning the materials used in dental sealants: namely, they’ve been curious about whether the BPA in dental sealants is dangerous. Since we recognize that you may also… Read more »

A Proper Course of Action Can Save a Loose Dental Crown

When we place a dental crown at , we secure it in place with a strong dental-grade adhesive. The whole process is designed to help the crown protect your smile for many years, but it can still come loose if affected by conditions such as complications of gum disease or a dental accident. If your… Read more »

Want a High-Tech Oral Hygiene Routine? Use These Tools

Many people are “keeping up with the times” and adopting a high-tech oral hygiene routine. This can help make oral hygiene a little more fun and exciting. Would you like to adopt a high-tech oral hygiene routine? If so, our dentist, Dr. , is happy to help you. There are many new-and-improved oral hygiene tools… Read more »

Why Do Dentures Adjust?

For most people, getting false teeth is a big adjustment. Getting used to the fit of the false teeth, having them optimized when required and learning to take care of them appropriately will take a little time. Please recognize that the whole staff at is rooting for you, and we’re here to assist you in… Read more »

Relaxing at the Dentist Office

There are some people who have no reservations at all about going to see the dentist. In fact, they may even look forward to it. However, for other people, the prospect of going to the dentist may induce anything from mild anxiety to panic. Some people may suffer from dental phobia. The anxiety may come… Read more »

Getting A Bright Smile For the Holidays

The holidays are coming up fast, and that can mean LOTS of photos. Make sure your smile is picture-perfect with these tips! Brush: The easiest way to improve your smile is to improve your brushing and flossing habits. Brush twice a day, for 2 full minutes each time. If you find it difficult to brush… Read more »

Successful Smiles Feature Healthy Diets

A healthy smile begins with a healthy diet. If you are eating unhealthy foods and consuming unhealthy drinks, your oral health care will be affected as well. Not only can harmful foods and drinks damage your teeth, they can lead to numerous ailments including gum disease as well. It is important to eat a diet… Read more »

A Tooth Suffering from a Severe Dental Abscess Might Need to Be Extracted Before It Can Be Replaced

The longer a cavity goes without professional care from a dentist like Dr. the more likely the tooth decay is to progress into the sensitive interior of the tooth. As this starts to happen you are likely to experience discomfort, sensitivity, and an increasing toothache. If you also notice a feeling of pain and pressure… Read more »

Motivate Your Child to Brush by Doing These Things

Do you struggle when motivating your child to brush their teeth? If so, you’re not alone. Brushing can be a chore that many children just don’t like to do. However, this doesn’t have to be the case if you don’t want it to be. There are things you can do and say to motivate your… Read more »

Protect Your Smile with Cavity Prevention

One of the most common oral health ailments in dentistry is known as a cavity. Cavities arise when enamel erosion occurs to the point that a hole has formed in your tooth. Although cavities can be treated with tooth-colored dental fillings, it is more effective to protect your smile through cavity prevention. To protect against… Read more »