An Oral Cancer Screening is an Important Element of Your Regular Dental Checkup

Maintaining good oral health in the long term incorporates several different yet equally important factors. To that end, the American Dental Association recommends attending a regular dental checkup and cleaning every six months. Each checkup performed by Dr. is designed to examine and address all pertinent issues of maintaining a healthy mouth. While this starts… Read more »

The Facts About Gum Disease

You probably know that brushing and flossing are important if you’re hoping to keep your smile healthy and strong. Similarly, you may know that you should schedule an appointment with our team once every six months. However, did you know that doing these things may not always be enough to help you avoid gum disease?… Read more »

A Tooth with a Large Chip Might Need to Be Repaired with a Crown

While it’s unfortunate, there are things that can chip tooth enamel. This could be something as significant as a blow to the face or other trauma. At the same time, mundane things like a bad habit of biting your fingernails or grinding your teeth at night can also chip a tooth. Even if the chipped… Read more »

A Dental Crown Could be the Perfect Treatment if You Need a Tooth Repaired

Dental crowns are a type of restorative dentistry that are used for to repair damaged teeth. Tooth injuries happen frequently and can result in painful cracked or broken teeth that require this type of treatment. For a dental crown, a dentist will create an abutment in the damaged tooth by removing the enamel and then… Read more »

Dental Sealants Can Help Protect Against Cavities on Back Teeth

As your child’s primary teeth are gradually replaced by their adult teeth, the molars and premolars often emerge with deep pits and fissures on the biting surfaces. Sometimes these areas can be hard to clean with brushing alone. Should plaque and food particles become trapped in the tooth enamel, it could come to foster tooth… Read more »

What Not to Eat to Keep Your Smile Shining

Various foods and snacks we consume throughout the day can present greater risks than others for ailments such as tooth decay or gum disease. Although the best option in preventing any oral health care disasters from occurring continues to be a daily upkeep in our oral hygiene habits, it is also important to cut risks… Read more »

Protect Your Teeth and Gums for the New Year

The year has sprung anew once more, but your oral health care habits should remain the same. Safe and effective oral health care habits should not change year-to-year like passing diet fads do because oral health care habits are proven most effective for your everyday care. Although additional measures such as professional cleanings can take… Read more »

Dental Implants Can Make Mouths Happy

Dental implants can make mouths happy. Missing teeth can ruin smiles and lead to further tooth decay or a shift in your remaining healthy teeth. recommends cosmetic dentistry to fill the gaps as soon as possible. One of our best procedures is dental implants. If you need dental implants or are looking for better ways… Read more »

7 Simple Tips to Help You Brush Your Teeth

As the holiday season approaches, it’s important not to slack on your oral health care. Brushing your teeth can easily be forgotten, and even if you do brush your teeth, it’s important to use the proper technique to make it effective. If you do not brush every part of your teeth and gums, you could… Read more »

Healthy Hygiene for an Aging Population

As we age, our teeth won’t be far behind. However, unlike our eyes and ears, we can keep our teeth in excellent condition diligent daily upkeep in our oral hygiene habits. The more we care for our teeth and gums, the more they will care for us. Not matter how old you are, your teeth… Read more »