Brush Up on Oral Care

There are many reasons why people go to the dentist. Unfortunately, too many people wait until they have severe pain or tooth decay before they take the time to schedule an appointment. However, it’s important to remember your oral health care needs. Oral care is often overlooked as the busy holidays approach. With sugar on… Read more »

All You Need to Know About Properly Wearing Dentures

Dentures are strong, successful appliances that can improve your smile’s appearance and oral health, but there are times when the appliance slip and slide around your mouth, making the denture inconvenient and bothersome. To help you during these times, we are happy to provide the following denture tips: 1. Eat the right foods: When you… Read more »

Space Maintainers: Guiding Your Permanent Teeth into Place

Space maintainers are beneficial appliances that save your child’s smile if they have lost a baby tooth prematurely. Although not every child needs a space maintainer if they lose a tooth, it is wise to consult with the dentist and decide if this is the best option for your child’s smile. Space maintainers are small,… Read more »